Truespoke® Cadillac Wire Wheel Full Line

Only Truespoke® offers six different styles for rear wheel drive Cadillacs to 1989

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Kelsey Hayes
48 or 56 Spoke Cadillac Wire Wheels. 14 to 20 inch diameters. Chrome plated steel or stainless steel spokes and nipples. Made in America.
Brougham 50
Truespoke® 50-Spoke Wire Wheels. Sizes 13-20 inches. Small hubcap or spinner with Cadillac emblem. Introduced in 1974.
Fleetwood 60
60 Spoke Straight-Laced style wheel. Sizes 13 to 18 inches. Includes large Cadillac cap that covers the lug nuts.
Cadillac Knockoff
Knockoff type wire wheel. Imported from China. Value leader. 13-22 inch diameters. Available with Hex hubcap or 2 or 3-bladed spinners.
Appliance Style
50 Spoke Truespoke® wire wheel. Lug nuts are visible. Appliance Plating style hubcap with Cadillac emblem. Sizes 13 - 20 inches.
Sabre Billet
Cadillac Sabre Billet Aluminum Wheel by Truespoke. 15 to 20 Inch Diameters
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Our wheels are Rear Wheel Drive Only to 1989

You may buy all of the above styles of Cadillac wire wheels online or give us a call. We look forward to serving you.


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