Cragar® Star Wire® Wheels by Truespoke®
Insist upon and ask for the real thing. Accept NO imitations.

Not currently in production. Make sure you are on our mailing list for updates. Thank you.

Star Wire® 30-Spok Wire Wheel by Truespoke®
  • Cragar® Star Wire® Wheels by Truespoke®

  • Truespoke® Wire Wheels (America's favorite wire wheels since 1974), will be bringing back the Star Wire® 30-spoke wire wheel. The continuation Star Wire® wheel will be a fully licensed product by Cragar®, built to our high standards.

  • Rear wheel drive only. 

  • Not currently in production. Please make sure you are on our mailing list for updates.

  • Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • We know you will love the Star Wire® wheel, AGAIN.

  • Team Truespoke®

Cragar Star Wire Center Cap

Cragar® Star Wire® Center Caps

Chrome plated aluminum.

Officially authorized by Cragar®

$15.00 each plus shipping.

2022 UPDATE:

We will release more details as the development of this beloved wheel progresses. Although we are using modern construction and engineering techniques, the wheel will look just like the photo shown.

Not currently in production. If you wish to be on our mailing list and notified of any developments, simply add your name and email address to the email list below.

Thank you for all the encouragement and support we have received from our devoted fans, as we progress.

Ask for the real thing. Accept NO imitations.

Thank you.

Star Wire® T-Shirts
Star Wire T-Shirt Back Side
Star Wire T-Shirt Front Side
Official Star Wire® T-Shirts Now Available
  • Short sleeve only
  • Black only
  • Sizes: Men's L, XL, XXL and XXXL
  • Price: $20.00 plus shipping.
  • 100% cotton material
  • Crew neck collar
  • Star Wire® is a registered Trade Mark. Accept no imitations.
Star Wire 3 Blade Vintage Spinner
Starwire Wheels

Star Wire® Vintage 3-Blade Spinner Sets by Truespoke®

Limited availability. Final sets acquired from retiring Star Wire® dealer.

Star Wire® logo medallion by Truespoke® is chrome plated metal.

Comes with bolt and washer to fit 30 Spoke Star Wire® Wheels.

Not sold individually, only by sets of four.

Price: $200.00 for the set of four plus shipping.

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