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Wire Wheels For Kit Cars, Replicas, Neo-Classics, and Unique Cars

Clenet, Excalibur, Zimmer, Auburn, Tiffany and Cobra Kits and more
No other wire wheel builder has more experience or quality to offer

Auburn Speedster with Truespoke Wire Wheels

This Auburn Speedster was built by Mr. Toby Erwin. The wheels are our 16x7 inch Truewire, knockoff wire wheels. The tires are special order. Size: P275/70R16 with a 2.75 inch white wall.

Cobra Kit Car with Truspoke®  wire wheels

Truespoke® wire wheels have been a favorite of Neo-Classic, Replica, and Kit Car owners since 1974. Often used by leading replica-builders as original equipment.
Let us supply the exact wheel you need at the best possible prices.
Please call us at 760-731-8301 or email us to discuss your requirements.

Phillips Berlina Coupe on Trueray wire wheels

Mr. John Rosebrugh's 1982 Phillips Berlina Coupe SE. #119 of 143 and one of the 17 SE models. This very rare car uses our Trueray Cross-Lace wire wheels with wide white wall tires.

Auburn Speedster replica with Truespoke® Wire Wheels

Alex Christodulidis. owner of California Custom Coaches, built this superb 1936 Auburn Boattail, Model 876 at the SEMA show. This incredible tribute to the Auburn of yesterday has to be seen to be believed. Naturally, Alex chose Truespoke® for the wire wheels.

Clenet Automobile with Trueray® Cross-lace wire wheels

Paris, France. This is an ultra-rare Clenet. Although this car was built in California, the French owner imported this very clean car to the magical city of Paris. Just picture this car rolling down the Champs Delysee! The wheels are custom built Trueray Cross-Lace, 15x7 inch with 56 spokes and a special backspace. The spokes and nipples are made from stainless steel. We supplied the hubcaps and the owner used the original Clenet emblelms. The tires are American Classic brand, size: P235/75R15 from our tire division. The white stripe is 1.6" wide. We have equipped dozens of Clenet and Excalibur automobiles.

Stutz Custom by John D'Agostino with Truespoke Wire Wheels

Hall of Fame Customizer, John D'Agostino called on Truespoke® for wheels for his show-winning Stutz Bearcat Custom. These same wheels are available in 13-18" diameters with round caps or spinners.

Auburn Replica with 16 X 10 inch wide 56-Spoke® Wire Wheels

This Auburn Speedster replica belongs to customer Hal Engstrom. The wheels are 15x10 inch, Cross-lace 56 spoke Truespoke® wire wheels, standard pattern. The wide whitewalls are 3.75 inches wide. The engine is a rare 406 cubic inch Ford with multiple carburetors. Craftsmanship is excellent.

Gazelle Replicar on Truespoke wire wheels

Truespoke® 50-spoke wire wheels were used to complete this special Gazelle neo-classic replica. We can supply wheels alone or complete wheel and tire packages.

1983 Avanti with Truespoke® wire wheels

1983 Avanti rides on Truespoke® 56-Spoke, lip-lace style wire wheels and BFG tires. We have equipped many original and replica, continuation Avanti automobiles.

1981 Packard Neo-Classic with Truespoke Wire Wheels

Owner: Mr. Ken Fischang - 1981 Packard formerly owned by Dean Martin. When it comes to fitting unique wheels on unique cars, Truespoke® has the most choices and experience. Let our wheels be the perfect, final touch for your special car.

You may buy the Truespoke® Kit Car, Replica, Neo-Classic wire wheels by giving us a call 760-731-8303 to place your order. We look forward to serving you.

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