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Truespoke® all-chrome Kelsey-Hayes style Cadillac Wire Wheels

Truespoke® Brougham 50 Cadillac Wire Wheels

Brougham 50 Wire Wheels Only: $800.00 each or $3,200.00 per set.

Price includes: Four 15 X 7 inch, 50-spoke wheels.

Includes four round caps and Cadillac emblem as shown or 2 or 3-bladed spinner cap with Cadillac emblem. Lug nuts, washers and valve stems included.

Shipping and tires are not included.

Please ask us for whitewall tire price quotes.

Rear wheel drive only. 1992 is the latest Brougham we can serve.


Extra 2 or 3-bladed spinners: $60 each.

Your set includes your choice of a round "Donut" cap with a Cadillac emblem OR a 3-bladed spinner with Cadillac emblem. 

General Motors licensed restoration part.

Prices effective August 28, 2023

Cadillac wire wheel and whitewall tire packages

Vogue Tire and Truespoke® Brougham 50 Wire Wheel Package

Price: $1,125.00 per wheel and tire or $4,500.00 per set of four.

Package includes: Four 15 X 6 or 15 X 7 inch Brougham-50 wire wheels, four Vogue P235/70R15 tires (whitewall with gold pin-stripe as shown above), precision mounting & balancing, Includes: Cadillac round center caps or 2 or 3 bladed spinner, lug nuts, washers and all necessary hardware. Shipping is not included.

Rear wheel drive only.

Will not fit front wheel drive cars. 1957 - 1992 only.


Extra 2 or 3-bladed spinners: $60 each.

Your set includes your choice of a round "Donut" cap with a Cadillac emblem OR a 3-bladed spinner with Cadillac emblem. Genuine GM licensed restoration part.

Prices effective August 28, 2023


Please call or email us to place your order. Most wheels are in-stock. If we don't have the wheels on our shelf, we will build them for you. You are dealing factory direct. We look forward to serving you.

Why buy a wheel and tire package?

▪ Best value: when you add up the cost of purchasing wheels, tires, inner-tubes (if needed), professional mounting and balancing, valve stems, special German no-lead stick-on weights and the value of your time, you cannot beat purchasing your new wheels with tires as a package from us.

Ease of installation: Sadly, there are too few tire shops capable of mounting and properly balancing wire wheels and classic, whitewall tires. Most tire shops do not have proper, modern installation equipment or experience to do the job right. What often occurs is that an inexperienced technician will scratch, dent or drop your wheel, causing harm to it. Worse yet, the installer will cause your wheel to leak or the installer might not be able to balance your wheel and tire at all! All-the-while, the customer is spending hours watching, waiting and hoping that the installer does the job right and without harming their new wheels and tires.

▪ Great selection: Only we can offer our customer nearly any brand, size and style of whitewall tire on the market. We make sure that you have the right size, quality and price when you select your wheel and tire package.

▪ Safety: More and more states and countries are outlawing or imposing liability for harm caused by tires that are six years old or older. Many owners plan on installing their old tires onto their new wheels, only to find out subsequently that a responsible tire shop will refuse to work on tires over six years old!

▪ Shipping costs: It is less expensive to ship a wheel and tire package than to purchase wheels and tires and have them shipped separately.
▪ Let us explain all the advantages in having your wheels and tires purchased as a package.

Brougham 50 Cadillac round "Donut" hubcap
Cadillac 2-Bladed Spinner
Truespoke® Cadillac 3-Bladed Spinne

Left: Donut Cadillac Round Cap               Middle: 2-Bladed Cadillac Spinner                    Right: 3-Bladed Cadillac Spinner

Wheel Size Information

Standard size: 15 X 7 inches depending upon your year and model.
To minimize tire bulging and possible contact with the fender skirt or body, we recommend using a 7 inch wide wheel for P235/70R15 or P235/75R15 tires. Tubeless construction.
Special order sizes: 13 inch to 17 inch diameters. Please call or email for custom size prices.
Also available in reverse patterns on special order.
Not available anywhere else. You are purchasing factory direct.

Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Factory Wheel and Tire Chart

Cadillac Sedan DeVille with Truespoke® Brougham 50 wire wheels
Cadillac Seville Elegante' with Truespoke Brougham 50 wire wheels
Cadillac Seville before and after photos with and without Truespoke Brougham 50 wire wheels
Cadillac Coupe DeVille with reverse style Brougham 50 wire wheels by Truespoke
Lowered Cadillac with Brougham 50 wire wheels and wide whitewall tires
The Truespoke name and designs are registered Trademarks
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