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Full Line Of Truespoke® Wire Wheel Styles

An Iconic Brand of Wire Wheels for Legendary Cars Since 1974

About Truespoke® Wire Wheels

Time-honored Craftsmanship

Our company was born in 1974 as the inspiration of our founder. At that time, every wire wheel on the market looked the same. Wheel companies would simply copy each other, rather than come up with something new and elegant. There was little creativity or innovation on the scene. Truespoke® did not go down that tired path. Instead, our company created, unique, stunning, totally original wheel designs. Our chrome spoke wheels bolt onto the car; not held on with adapters that require hammers and wrenches to attach. The Truespoke® 50 spoke style was the first to be launched in 1974, followed by the Trueray and Trueclassic designs. The chrome spoke wheels were an immediate success with the wire wheel consumer. Each wheel design was patented and Trademarked.

After nearly five decades, our chrome wire wheels have earned worldwide acceptance and popularity with a cult-like following. Our customer base ranges from street drivers to elite show car owners. We have served grandparents, children, and grandchildren, generations deep, who insist on the real thing, Truespoke
®. Along the way, our manufacturing techniques and quality continued to improve; however, we have never lost sight of the Truespoke® traditional designs. Our wheel-building team is staffed by experienced craftsmen. The chrome plating and materials we use are the finest that money can buy.
Countless magazine articles, online photos and posts, and car show appearances, all with Truespoke
® chrome wire wheels, have cemented our elite reputation. Our time-honored designs will never go out of style. We invite you to browse through our wire wheel collection or simply give us a telephone call or email us. Fast and friendly advice is always available.
We look forward to serving you.


Some wheels are in stock and ready to ship. If we don't have what you want in our inventory, we will build it for you. You are purchasing factory-direct. We look forward to serving you.

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