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Frequently Asked Questions for Truespoke®

​Q)  Are the Truespoke® Wire Wheels made in China or another country besides America?

A)  No. The Truespoke® 45 and 50 spoke, Trueray® and Trueclassic® wheels are made in Southern California. Truespoke® does not advertise that our wheels are made in America even though the majority of the wheel components we use are made in America.

​Q)  Were Truespoke® wheels ever made in another country?

A)  Yes. The Truewire® line, sold by Cragar® , was made in foreign countries such as Brazil and Japan. The Truewire® line is always advertised as being an imported brand by us. Truewire® wheels are knockoff type styles, not direct bolt-on.

​Q)  Are all the parts used in the Truespoke® line, made in America?

A)  No, the majority is, but not every single piece. The outer rim is made by Cragar/Carlstar® in Tennessee. All polishing, chrome plating, labor and assembly is performed in Southern California. Other components are made offshore. Depending upon availability, some additional components are made in the USA such as the spokes. More than half of the wheel is sourced from US-made parts. Some parts of the wire wheels have always been made offshore.

​Q)  Why aren’t all the parts made in the U.S?

A)  We are always trying to reach that goal. Some parts would cost four times as much to be made in the U.S., which would put our wheels beyond the reach of most customers to afford. To build an all American-made wheel in 2022, the cost would be over $400.00 extra per wheel more than the current prices. In the most recent stage of Cragar’s® wire wheel building days, hubs and other components were sourced from overseas manufacturers. Our wheels are a combination of American made and imported components.

​Q)  Are restored, vintage Truespoke® Wire Wheels just as good or better than the currently offered, modern type?

A)  No they are not. Most restored wheels, including the ones that we restore for our customers, only use the center hub for restoration purposes. We do not re-use the outer rim, spokes or nipples. No responsible restoration shop should ever do that. We only use Cragar/Carlstar® outer rims in our restorations. Vintage Truespoke® components, due to being in some cases, nearly 50 years old, are at risk for embrittlement, cracking or failing. Some vintage parts suffer from rust and could have tens of thousands of miles of wear on them. There is no way to tell how much use a vintage Truespoke® wheel has had. Often times, the stud holes of vintage Truespokes® are not round or oval any longer due to improper use of lug nuts or over-tightening. Wheels built since 1974 by us can end up being quite flimsy and basically not restorable due to high use or lack of proper care. Most other restoration shops do not offer a warranty like we do, at all, and some other shops use all imported materials, including the outer rims. The restoration of vintage Truespokes® is best reserved for wheels that have sentimental value or an unusual configuration.

​Q:  Does Truespoke® own the rights to the Star Wire® Wheels?

A:  Yes. Truespoke® has a great relationship with Cragar® Wheel Company going back for decades. Our company has obtained all of the rights to make the Star Wire® wheels and accessories permanently. Cragar® Wheels have never granted permission to any company but ours, to make the Star Wire® Wheels. The Star Wire® Wheels are not currently in production. Please join our mailing list to follow our progress in making these amazing 30-Spoke wire wheels. A false rumor circulated is that Truespoke® has lost their lawsuit. This is absolutely not true.  We strongly defend our trademarks and rights to make the Star Wire® Wheels and always will.

If you should have any other questions, simply call us at 760-731-8303 or email us. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

America's Favorite Wheels Since 1974. Accept No Imitations. Insist on the Real Thing.

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