Truespoke® all-chrome Kelsey-Hayes style Cadillac Wire Wheels

Truespoke® Kelsey Hayes Style Cadillac Wire Wheels

Cadillac Wire Wheels by Truespoke
Truespoke Kelsey Hayes Style Cadillac Wire Wheels

Truespoke® Chrome Steel Wire Wheels

Truespoke® wire wheels with Cadillac center caps including Genuine GM Restoration Part Cadillac emblems. Price: $575.00 per wheel with cap. $2,300.00 for the set of four.

Tires and shipping are not included.

Rear Wheel Drive Only. We can serve up to 1989 only. These wheels will not work on front wheel drive automobiles.
Wheel size: 15 X 6" or 15 X 7" at the above price.

Tubeless construction.
14-17 inch sizes available on special order at extra cost.
Chrome plated steel spokes AND chrome plated nipples.
Please click here for a comparison of stainless steel vs. chrome steel.
® limited warranty.
Shipping and tires are not included.
Copper/Nickel/Chrome plating
® quality since 1974

Truespoke® Premium Stainless Steel Spokes and Nipples

Truespoke® wire wheels with 4 Cadillac center caps with Genuine GM Restoration Part Cadillac emblems. Price: $775.00 per wheel with cap. $3,100.00 for the set of four.

Shipping and tires are not included.

These special wheels have all of the same features as our chrome steel wire wheels with the exception that the spokes and nipples are made from hand-polished, 302 grade stainless steel material. Not available anywhere else.

Copper/Nickel/Chrome plating.

These wheels are best-suited for cars that have increased horsepower/performance or where the vehicle is over 5,000 pounds. Stainless steel is twice as strong as chrome and will never rust. However, the chrome plated surfaces must be maintained to prevent rust.

Please click here for a comparison of stainless steel vs. chrome steel.

Truespoke® limited warranty.

Truespoke Cadillac Wire Whel with a whitewall tie

Cadillac Wheel and Tire Packages

Option A) Truespoke® Chrome wheels and American Classic steel belted radial tires with wide whitewall tires: $900.00 per wheel and hubcap. $3,600.00 per set of four wheels and four hubcaps. Shipping is not included.

Option B) Truespoke® Premium Stainless wheels and American Classic tires:

$1,100.00 per wheel and hubcap. $4,400.00 per set of four wheels and four hubcaps. Shipping is not included.

Included are the following items and services: 

Four wire wheels with center caps and Cadillac emblems. Four wide whitewall tires. Our packages come with American Classic brand steel belted radial tires. (*Bias-Look American Classic tires are available at extra cost. Please contact us for pricing.) You may also order at extra cost, BF Goodrich, Coker and Goodyear steel belted radials. We also carry Firestone, BF Goodrich, Coker and Goodyear bias-ply tires. Please call for tire prices on any of these optional tires.

American Classic whitewall tires are made in the U.S.A. by a tire manufacturer in business since 1915. The American Classic tires are speed-rated, all-season and have an estimated tread life of 45,000 miles. Precision mounting and balancing by the wire wheel experts.
Shipping costs are not included. Please call with any questions or to place your order.

Why buy a wheel and tire package?

▪ Best value: when you add up the cost of purchasing wheels, tires, inner-tubes (if needed), professional mounting and balancing, valve stems, special German no-lead stick-on weights and the value of your time, you cannot beat purchasing your new wheels with tires as a package from us.

Ease of installation: Sadly, there are too few tire shops capable of mounting and properly balancing wire wheels and classic, whitewall tires. Most tire shops do not have proper, modern installation equipment or experience to do the job right. What often occurs is that an inexperienced technician will scratch, dent or drop your wheel, causing harm to it. Worse yet, the installer will cause your wheel to leak air or the installer might not be able to balance your wheel and tire at all! All-the-while, the customer is spending hours watching, waiting and hoping that the installer does the job right and without harming their new wheels and tires.

▪ Great selection: Only we can offer our customer nearly any brand, size and style of whitewall tire on the market. We make sure that you have the right size, quality and price when you select your wheel and tire package.

▪ Safety: More and more states and countries are outlawing or imposing liability for harm caused by tires that are six years old or older. Many owners plan on installing their old tires onto their new wheels, only to find out subsequently that a responsible tire shop will refuse to work on tires over six years old!

▪ Shipping costs: It is less expensive to ship a wheel and tire package than to purchase wheels and tires and have them shipped separately.
▪ Let us explain all the advantages in having your wheels and tires purchased as a package.

1976 Cadillac
1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham
Owner: Mr. Hiroshi Inoue of Kochi City, Japan
Wheels: Truespoke® Premium Stainless - Size: 15X6" size. Tires: American Classic P235/75R15 with 1.6" whitewalls.
1976 Castilian
1976 Cadillac Castilian
Owner: Mr. Ken Fischang - Ex-Sammy Davis
1959 Cadillac
1959 Cadillac - Truespoke® Wire Wheels - 15 X 7" wheel and tire package.
1959 Cadillac
1959 Cadillac - Owner: Mr. Daniel Stalder - Garage Carrosserie Stalder - Switzerland
Wheels by Truespoke®
1965 Cadillac
1965 Cadillac - Owner: Kathy Krieger. Truespoke® Kelsey Hayes style wire wheels with wide whitewall tires
1966 Eldorado
1966 Cadillac Eldorado
Owner: Mr. Matt Garrett
Tire size: American Classic P225/75R15 - 1.6" narrow whitewall. Kelsey Hayes style wire wheels by Truespoke®
1960 Eldorado
1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Owner: Mr. Matt Garrett Tire size: P235/75R15 - 3" whitewall. Wheels by Truespoke®
1958 Cadillac
1958 Cadillac. Owner: Mr. Ståle Sulen, Norway. Wire wheels by Truespoke®
1954 Cadillac
Owner: Mr. Roger Rothenberger - 1954 Cadillac. 4" Whitewall - L-78 Tires - Coker brand, bias-ply type. Wire wheels by Truespoke®
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You may buy the Kelsey Hayes style Cadillac wire wheels online or please give us a call to place your order. We look forward to serving you.


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