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Dayton Wire Wheels Gold Plating Prices And Eagles and Flags Colored Porcelain Chips

24K Gold is the finest gold that money can buy for wire wheels. You may now order your wheels with custom gold plating. Any portion of the wheel can be gold plated to your tastes or even the entire wheel can be 24K gold plated.

Dayton Wire Wheels does not perform any gold plating work themselves. Their process for gold plating is to ship the parts that the customer wants gold plated to the gold plater of Dayton's choice for plating. The gold plater that Dayton uses is one of the most respected gold platers in the US. His workmanship does not come cheap. The gold is brilliant and of the highest, show quality.

The prices for 24K gold plating depend upon the size of your wheels, the number of spokes and which portions you want gold plated. In addition to the plating charges themselves, you will be charged for the shipping costs back and forth from Dayton Wire Wheels to their gold plater and back. Please call or email us for an accurate price quote. We know you will love these wheels for years to come.

Prices shown below are for four wheels.


Gold plating orders require a non-refundable deposit for the gold plating charges.

Cancelled orders will not be entitled to a refund of the gold plating charges.

We invite you to contact us to discuss this further before ordering. Thank you.

All 24K Gold Plating charges shown on this page do NOT include the cost of the wheels.

Prices shown on this page are only for the gold plating. Shipping charges and tires are not included.

Please browse through the gallery to see examples of some of the wheels we have provided with 24K gold plating.

24K Gold Plating for Dayton Wire Wheels
Dayton 100 Spoke Wire Wheel Gold Plating
24K Gold Prices for 144 Spoke Dayton Wire Wheels

Dayton Eagle and Flag Logo Color Chips

If you are looking for a special, colorful touch for your new Dayton Wire Wheels, you may wish to add four of these chips. They are made from metal and porcelain.

These chips sell for $60 each. They may not be sold separately, only ordered with your wheel purchase. The chips fit on the 2-bladed, 3-bladed spinners and the HEX cap.

These photos generally show how the chips look. Accept no imitations!

Actual colors may differ from these photos depending upon how your computer monitor/display presents colors.

Please click on each chip for a larger photograph. Thank you.


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