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Dayton Wire Wheels

Dayton Wire Wheel Accessories

Knockoffs - Adapters
Hammers - Wrenches

Each wheel you purchase comes with your choice of adapter and knockoff hub. You must purchase a set of four wheels to receive a complimentary hammer or wrench.

The porcelain Dayton flag or Eagle chips are optional and are not included. 

Dayton accessories are only sold with a wheel purchase, not separately. 


If you are looking for a special, colorful touch for your new Dayton Wire Wheels, you may wish to add one of these chips. They are made from metal.

These chips sell for $60 each. They may not be sold separately, only ordered with your wheel purchase. The chips fit on the 2-bladed, 3-bladed spinners and the HEX cap. These photos generally show how the chips look.

Dayton Wire Wheel Examples