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Truewire® Knockoff Wire Wheels

Knockoff Style Lowrider Wire Wheels

Need help picking the right wire wheels for your car? Call and speak to a live, human being: 760-731-8303

  • Please Note: The Truewire wheels are NOT made by Truespoke®.

  • These knockoff style wire wheels are imported from China.
    The knockoff wire wheels are a good value and of very good quality for the price.

  • 13 inch to 22 inch sizes available in the Truewire brand.

  • These wheels are rear wheel drive only. They will not fit or work on front wheel drive automobiles. Please do not even try to put these wheels on a front wheel drive car.

  • Available in standard or reverse (deep-dish) styles.
    Please click here to compare these type of wire wheels to Truespoke

  • Each set of Truewire Wire Wheels includes 4 adapters, your choice of hub or spinner, a hammer or wrench and our Eagle gold-on-black, copper emblems. 

  • 60-day limited warranty on Truewire® Wire wheels from your receipt of the merchandise against defects in materials or workmanship. 

  • There is no warranty on rust. Rust is a purely maintenance problem. With all chrome wire wheels, please keep your wheels dry at all times.
    Please click here to view our 60-day, limited warranty

  • Wheel and tire packages are available. We carry all major brands of tires including Premium Sport 5.20's and steel belted radial tires.

  • Tires and shipping are not included.

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