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Truespoke® Wire Wheels

This is our full line of Truespoke® Wire Wheels

Please click on the wire wheels below for more photos and information.
Any of our wire wheels may be ordered with whitewall tires as a package.
Wire Wheel Gold Plating is now available. Click here for more information.

  • Wire wheel and tire packages are available for all of our chrome wire rims. Let us help you select the perfect tire for your wire wheels.

  • All of our chrome wire rims are hand-crafted in California using modern construction methods and engineering.

  • We use only the finest materials.

  • Our wire wheels are chrome-plated using a 3-layer process of copper, nickel, and chrome.

  • Truespoke® wire wheels are hand-polished front and rear for a show-quality finish.

  • We back our wire wheels with our limited warranty against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

  • Rear-wheel drive only. We do not offer any front-wheel-drive Truespoke® wire wheels.

  • Standard and reversed wheels are built as tubeless.

  • Chrome-steel spokes and nipples are standard.

  • Our chrome wire rims will NOT work with 14MM Studs. Extra-cost adapters are required.

  • Please call us with any questions or to order your wheels at 760-731-8303.

  • Please click here for ordering information.

Impala Lowrider Show Car with Truespoke Chrome Wire Rims

Mr. Jesus Villalobos owns this multi-show-winning Impala. Jesus chose Truespoke® chrome wire rims and Premium Sport 5.20 white wall tires. This same package can be ordered from us, ready to bolt-on to your special car.

Truespoke Wire Wheels, Look for the Real Thing, Accept No Imitations
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