Truespoke® all-chrome Kelsey-Hayes style Cadillac Wire Wheels


Faithful to the original design with modern engineering and construction techniques. Sizes 13, 14 and 15 inch sizes only. Standard and Reverse styles.

Rear Wheel Drive Only. Wheel and tire Packages available.

Please call us at 760-731-8303 to order your set now.

Gold Plating is now available. Please click here for more information


The Trueclassic® Wire wheel has 50 spokes, arranged in 10 groups of 5 spokes. A unique, trademarked and patented design. Not offered anywhere else. You are buying factory direct through Truespoke® Wire Wheels.

We have no dealers. Beware of any person or company selling fake, counterfeit replicas.

Price: $650.00 each or $2,600.00 for a set of four 13 or 14 inch wheels. 15 X 6 or 15 X 7 are $2,700.00 per set.

Set price includes four wheels and four Trueclassic® hubcaps as shown, 20 lug nuts and 20 washers.

  • All of our wheels are hand-crafted in California. The hubs feature a universal bolt pattern which fits 5 on 4.5, 5 on 4.75 and 5 on 5 inch bolt patterns. Our hubs are much thicker and stronger than the originals. We use only the finest materials. Safety-tested to a load capacity of 1,300 pounds.

  • Our wheels are chrome plated using a 3-layer process of copper, nickel and chrome.

  • Trueclassic®   wheels are hand-polished front and rear for a show-quality finish. We back our wheels with our limited warranty against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

  • Rear-wheel drive only. We do not offer any front wheel drive Trueclassic® wire wheels.

  • Our set price includes four wheels and four, uniquely styled, original hub caps with chrome Trueclassic® medallions. Lug nuts and washers. 

  • Standard and reverse style wheels are built as tubeless.

  • Custom backspaces are not available.

  • Chrome-steel spokes and nipples are standard.

  • These wheels will NOT work with 14mm studs. Extra-cost adapters are required to convert the bolt pattern.

  • Shipping and tires are NOT included in the above prices.

  • Wheel and tire packages are available. Please ask us for prices.

  • Please call us with any questions or to order your wheels at 760-731-8301. Click the BUY button to buy online.


Please call or email us to place your order. Until supply problems end, we no longer offer these products on our shopping cart. Thank you for your understanding.

Trueclassic Gold Medallion
14 X 7 Inch Reverse Trueclassic Wire Wheel

Optional Gold Trueclassic® Medallions
Add $25.00 for each medallion when purchased with a wheel.
Gold medallions alone are $75.00 each.
Gold medallion with Trueclassic® hubcap: $125.00

Trueclassic® Trademark