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Truespoke® Wire Wheels Celebrates Its 48th Birthday

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It won't be all that long before Truespoke® hits the ripe old age of 50! After all these years in operation, demand keeps increasing for our chrome wire wheels. Staying true to the time-honored designs, first patented in 1974, Truespoke® wire wheels strives to improve the quality of our chrome wire wheels, without disturbing our unique styles.

Today, we often serve the grandchildren of original Truespoke® customers, who have always aspired to own their own set of wheels, such as our Truespoke® 45 or 50 spoke models or the Trueray® or Trueclassic® styles.

At this point in time, our production of wheels is not keeping up with the demand. What used to be available on our shelves, is now being produced over a period of months. It is a challenge to find true craftsmen or people willing to learn the necessary skills to be able to build our wire wheels. We seek people that have a passion for making things with their hands. We hope you will understand these challenges. The waiting will be worth it.

Since our last post, we have received many photos submitted by satisfied customers. We would like to share a few of these photos with our followers. We maintain a "Customer's Car Show" page on our website that features hundreds of cars, fitted with our wheels. This is a list of some of the pages found on our website:

Customer's Car Show Menu (16 Different Categories To View)

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air. "We love the wheels & tires!! You guys did a great job! Thanks, Ted & Marilyn Nichols"

Wheels: Trueclassic® Size: 14 X 6 Inch. Style: Standard Tires: Premium Sport 5.20 X 14 narrow white walls.

These same wheels and tires can be purchased as a package. Shipped to you and ready to bolt-on to your special car.

Owner: Mr. Duke Markowski Vehicle: 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Wheels: Truespoke® 50-Spoke. 14 X 7 inch, reverse style with 3-Bar spinners. Tires: 175/70R14 dual white wall stripes.

"Thank you. And thank you for the wheels! Unparalleled quality, worth the wait. The Monte Carlo is a 1977. It's a pretty simple cruiser, simple air ride setup, it has been repainted, new chrome on bumpers, upholstered trunk and soon to have matching upholstered swivel bucket interior. Cruzwell heart steering wheel"

For more information on this style of wheel, please click here.

The Truespoke® 50 Spoke Wire Wheel is the only style we build that has visible lug nuts. All of our other styles have a hubcap that conceals the lug nuts. This design is unique, recognized and respected throughout the car culture community.

1978 Chevrolet Blazer

Wheels: Truespoke® Size: 15 X 6 inches standard type, with "Donut" center caps and Prism emblems.

Owner: Mr. Gonzalo Villasenor.

1963 Cadillac with Fleetwood 60 Wire Wheel and tire package.

Owner: Mr. Peter Konon

Seen at the Long Beach Super Show. Photos by RN_syndicate.

Owner: Mr. Jason Wallace

1952 5 Window Chevrolet Full-Show Truck, on 45 spoke Truespoke® Wire Wheels. Size: 14x6 inches, reverse "deep dish" style with 3-Bar Spinners.

"Loving these wheels I ordered from you". Mr. Tony Flores.

Shown are our Trueclassic® style wire wheels. Sold as a package with Premium Sport 5.20 narrow white wall tires. Please click here for more information.

Truespoke® Wire Wheels Builds Kelsey Hayes Style and Motor Wheel style

Wire Wheels for the following rear wheel drive cars:

Cadillac Wire Wheels (Six Different Styles!)

Make your classic car stop like a modern car with Truespoke® Disc Brake Kits

  • Finally! A disc brake conversion kit for classic cars that is wire wheel friendly! A solution for classic car owners who demand the finest braking system available at affordable prices that will fit our wire wheels.

  • Works with either manual or power brake systems.

  • DOT approved stainless steel braided flexlines are available.

  • Simple bolt-on kit comes complete with all the necessary hardware and a detailed installation guide.

  • No modifications are necessary for installation. You can always convert back to your original drum brakes when the situation calls for original equipment.

  • Not all after-market disc brake systems will work with wire wheels. Let us help you select disc brakes that are guaranteed to fit with our wire wheels.

  • Please click here for more information

  • Call us at 760-731-8303

Wire Wheel Restoration Service by Truespoke®

  • When it comes to selecting the best wire wheel on the market for your special collector car, there is no substitute for Truespoke® quality.

  • But what if you already have wire wheels that need to be restored for either originality, uniqueness or sentimental value? Truespoke® is pleased to offer a solution.

  • Your wire wheels can now be restored to as new or show quality condition. In fact, after restoration, your wire wheels may be better than new, especially when it comes to factoring in the added strength of stainless steel spokes and nipples.

  • In the past, the expense of labor-intensive restoration and the many months of waiting served to deter even the most avid originality fan.

  • Truespoke® can now offer our customers full restoration services at a reasonable cost.

  • Restoration includes rim replacement or refurbishment, stainless steel spokes and nipples upgrades, polishing, truing and re-sealing.

  • Let the folks with the most experience take the headache out of wire wheel restoration. We know you will be pleased with the final result and our prices and timely completion, can't be beat.

  • Buick Skylark Restoration experts.

  • Call or email us today for more information.

Vintage Full Line Truespoke® Ad from 1974

This early ad featured our full line of Truespoke® brand wire wheels. Each style was patented and trademarked. The prices have increased to be sure, since then, however, the craftsmanship and engineering have also been greatly improved. Today, Truespoke® wire wheels are America's favorite, direct bolt-on, chrome wire wheels.

This wheel is not currently in production.

We are offering accessories for the wheel including the 3-Blade spinners that we were able to source, along with the Cragar® center cap, lug nuts and washers. To view our Star Wire®

line of accessories, please click here.

Please join our mailing list for notification of any news or developments. We will send out email notification as any developments occur.

Consumers Beware!

There are all too many bad actors trying to palm-off their fake, foreign-built Truespoke® replicas. We have seen these counterfeit Trueray®, Trueclassic® and Truespoke® Wire Wheels. The quality of these phony rims is about as bad as you can get. Sadly, a lot of good people have been hood-winked into buying these pieces of junk.

The fake wheels we have seen also present themselves as safety hazards. The bogus rims are typically sold in parking lots, swap meets, online or elsewhere without any warranty or receipts. The people who are making these fake wheels are committing a Federal offense called counterfeiting.

Don't find yourself falling into a trap by purchasing these trash rims. You are wasting your money if you do and possibly putting life and limb in jeopardy.

We prepared this video as a comparison between the fakes and the real thing. Please click here to see our video on how to tell a fake, counterfeit Truespoke® from the real thing.

Truespoke® has no dealers. You are purchasing factory-direct. If anybody says they are a dealer, please report them to us for prosecution.

Thank you for being True to Truespoke® since 1974. We look forward to serving you.

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Fallbrook, California 92028

Phone: 760-731-8303 - All phone calls returned

Hours of operation: 8 AM to 4 PM PST

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