• Truespoke Dave

Holiday Greetings From Truespoke® Wire Wheels

We wish you and your loved-ones a phenomenal Christmas and New Years. We are taking time to thank all of our customers and followers for their support through some very difficult challenges that we have faced over the last, almost two years.

Hopefully, this coming year, 2022, will be full of joy and peace for the world and our nation. We are very optimistic about the future for Truespoke® Wire Wheels as we enter our 48th year. We intend to launch new and improved products next year.

Here are some developments we would like you to know about.

Star Wire®

There is not a day that goes by that we don't receive emails or telephone calls about this fabulous wheel. The most frequently asked question is, "when can we be able to buy a set?"

We frankly are not sure just when. It was our intention to have this greatly improved wheel style on the market last summer. Our plans have been put on-pause for the time being. Suffice it to say that there are legal proceedings taking place in the Federal Court that have to be decided before we can launch this wheel again into the stream of commerce. If you are on this mailing list, you will be the first to know more details and you will be at the head of the line! Thank you to all of you who have encouraged and supported us. We thank the folks at Cragar® who have also placed the responsibility for continuing this wheel style for another 40 years and longer.

Trueclassic® Wire Wheels

We are currently producing the Trueclassic® wheels in sizes 13, 14 and 15 inches at the present time and we can offer larger sizes on special order. Gold plating is available. We only use 24K gold plating. In the coming weeks, we will offer this wheel with gold plating on the medallion, harking back to an earlier version of the medallion that was made of plastic and very popular. Our version will use chrome plated metal with gold highlights. Pictures will be released in the near future. These wheels have a special method of attaching the hubcaps so they don't easily come off. Great for theft prevention.

Truespoke® 50 Spoke Wire Wheels

First designed, patented and trademarked in 1974 is the above wheel style. By far, our most popular wheel type. We build them in 13 to 17 inch sizes, both standard and reverse. On special order, we can also build a 45 spoke version for those who demand originality for their Chevrolets in particular. We do not plan on making any changes to this iconic style of wheel, however, we are constantly working on ways to make our chrome shinier and our precision building, the highest possible quality.

The above photo shows a Truespoke® Wire Wheel that we applied 24K gold plating on. We have the capability to plate certain portions of the components or the entire wheel. We use one of America's top gold platers to do our work for us.

45-Spoke Truespoke® Wire Wheel

If you were wondering what the difference is between a 45 and a 50 spoke Truespoke®, we thought we would show you one and let you judge the difference. Only Truespoke® enthusiasts with a sharp-eye for detail can tell the difference. There is an extra cost for having us build you a set, but, you won't see them very often.

Trueray® Wire Wheels

The Trueray® is available in 13 to 17 inch sizes. The 'Ray runs 60 spokes. Shown above is the straight-lace version. The hubcap is called the "HEX" style due to its 8-sided pattern. The medallion is a General Motors licensed restoration part. Some of our customers will request the Trueclassic® hubcap be used instead of the Trueray® styles, especially if the wheels are headed for another brand of car, such as a Lincoln or a Riviera as examples.

Trueray® 60-Spoke Cross Lace Pattern

This style wheel can now be ordered with spokes that cross each other as shown. Trueray® Wire Wheels that were built in a cross-lace pattern were first introduced in the '70's and are still popular today. We think this is an elegant wheel design if you aren't keen to have straight-lace style wheels.