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What are the advantages of stainless steel spokes over chrome plated steel spokes in a wire wheel?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Stainless steel spokes and nipples do not rust while chrome-plated steel does. Stainless steel, depending upon the type used, is also stronger than chrome steel and is better suited for heavier cars or where the horsepower and handling of the automobile have been improved. Sadly, without expert polishing, stainless steel is not as shiny as chrome-steel and has a satin-type patina to it that some owners find objectionable.  For owners who are not able to keep the spokes and nipples as dry as possible or who live in a high humidity locale, stainless steel is worth your consideration. However, the rest of the wheel cannot be ignored simply because stainless steel spokes and nipples, are in-place. It does little good to have rust-free spokes if the other chrome-plated surfaces are rusting away. The wheels will still demand attention and the need for drying away water and keeping the surfaces clean. The nipples will trap water and are generally the first place for rust to take root. Stainless steel nipples will prevent rust. Please be aware that in all applications, the wheel hub and outer rim are still chrome steel and must be maintained to avoid rust or corrosion. Please click here to view the differences between stainless steel and chrome plated steel surfaces.


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