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A Pink Cadillac with Red Stripe Vogue Tires

One of the most extravagant automobiles to ever run down the road is the 1959 Cadillac. In shocking pink, this outrageous convertible is owned by Mr. Chris Tromba of Las Vegas, Nevada. This Cadillac was used by Vogue Tire Company to introduce their 150th anniversary, Red Stripe Vogue white wall tires. These tires are in limited edition and may not be available in the future. The familiar white and gold stripe tires are still in production. We offer the Vogue Tire line with free shipping.

Looking for something different, Mr. Tromba chose our 100 spoke, straight-lace wire wheels. The wheel size is 18 X 8 inches with our Cadillac HEX cap.

The new Vogues are definitely an eye-catcher and the ride quality is legendary. Give us a call or drop us an email for more information on any of our Truespoke Wire Wheels, since 1974.

Thank you.


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