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 100 & 150 Spoke Straight-Lace Lowrider Knock-off Wire Wheels

Truewire 100 Spoke Straight Lace Lowrider Knockoff Wheels

Our knock off hubs come with or without our Truewire medallions. The "Chip" is made from brass with our Truewire® logo. A touch of class!

Two Blade Swept Truewire Knock Off Hub

100 and 150 Spoke Wire Wheels
Sizes and styles
Call or email us if you don't find your size or style 
13 X 7"        Reverse                          $1,395.00
14 X 7"        Standard or reverse   $1,395.00
15 X 7"        Standard  $1,595.00
16 X 7"        Standard  $1,695.00
17 X 8"        Standard   $1,795.00                     
18 X 8"        Standard   $1,895.00                      
20 X 8"        Standard 100 Spoke    $1,995.00
22 X 8"        Standard 150 Spoke    $2,295.00 
Set price includes four wheels, four adapters, four
knock-offs of your choice, four medallions, four valve stems and a hammer or wrench. Tires, shipping cost and taxes for California residents are not included.

  • Please Note: These wheels are NOT made by Truespoke®. They are imported from China.
    They are a good value and quality for the price.

  • 13-22 inch sizes available.

  • These wheels are rear wheel drive only. They will not fit or work on front wheel drive automobiles.

  • Available in standard or reverse (deep-dish) styles.
    Please click here to compare these type of wire wheels to Truespokes®

  • Each set includes 4 adapters, your choice of hub or spinner, a hammer or wrench and emblems.

  • 60-day limited warranty from your receipt of the merchandise against defects in materials or workmanship.

  • There is no warranty on rust. Rust is a purely maintenance problem.
    Please click here to view our limited warranty

  • Wheel and tire packages are available. We carry all major brands of tires including Premium Sport 5.20's.

  • Tires and shipping are not included.

Each set of wheels purchased comes with four wheels, four adapters, four knock-offs of your choice, four medallions (if desired) and a lead hammer or wrench. Please call to order: 760-731-8303. Thank you.

Truewire® Customer's Car Show
Please click to view.
Straight and Cross Lace Styles are shown.

You may buy the 100 spoke Lowrider, knock off type wire wheels online or please give us a call to place your order. We look forward to serving you.

The Truewire name and designs are licensed Trademarks
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