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1936 Cadillac on Truespoke Cadillac Wire Wheels

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Mr. Gregory Romero sent us these photos of his phenomenal 1936 Cadillac. The wheels are our off-the-shelf 15 inch Kelsey Hayes style, all-chrome wire wheels. The tires are Goodyear brand radials purchased as a wheel and tire package from us. The tire sizes are P215/75R15 in the front and PO235/75R15 in the rear.

This same package can be ordered from us for your special collector car. Check out these wheels on this link: https://www.truespoke.com/cadillac-kelsey-hayes-wire-wheels

Goodyear white wall tire
Goodyear P235/75R15 with a 3.25 inch whitewall

1936 Cadillac with Truespoke Wire Wheels
Gregory Romero has good cause to be happy about his 1936 Cadillac

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