Truespoke® Wire Wheels Gold Plating Prices

24K Gold is the finest gold that money can buy for wire wheels. You may now order your Truespoke®, Trueray®, Trueclassic® and Truewire®, wire wheels with custom gold plating. Any portion of the wheel can be gold plated to your tastes. Even the entire wheel can be gold plated.

High quality gold plating does is not cheap. 24K gold is expensive and the price is dependent upon the market price of gold.

We only use 24K gold, never the cheesy-looking, spray-paint finish seen on some imported wheels. We do not offer 12K or 14K gold either because it is not super-shiny like the 24K gold plating.

The prices for gold plated wire wheels depends upon the size of your wheels, the number of spokes and which portions you want gold plated.

Gold plating takes extra time to complete. Orders placed today may take months to complete. Nothing leaves our workshop that is not show-quality, no matter how long it takes.

Please call or email us for an accurate price quote. We know you will love these wheels for years to come.

All 24K Gold Plating charges shown on this page do NOT include the cost of the wheels. Prices shown on this page are only for the gold plating. 

This wheel shown, is a 14 X 7 inch, 50 spoke, reverse Truespoke wire wheel. The owner has chosen to have a few portions of the wheel gold plated.

truespoke® gold plating prices

Truespoke 50 Spoke Wire Wheel

Please click on below price sheet for a larger image. 

The prices shown below are for gold plating only and are to be added to the cost of the wheels.

Truespoke Wire Wheel Gold Prices
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