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Which Type of Wire Wheel Is Best for My Car?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

45 Spoke Wire Wheel for Sale

The wheel above is our custom-built 45 Spoke Truespoke® Wire Wheel. The size is 14 X 7 inches, reverse pattern.


Here at Truespoke® Wire Wheels, we are often asked to compare knock-off wire wheels and the direct bolt-on style. At Truespoke®, we sell both styles of wheels and we have exquisite knowledge and experience going back to 1974, so, we ought to know.

Starting with the knockoff style, we offer Dayton Wire Wheels to our customers. Dayton has been in business for over 100 years and offers a range of wire wheels that are made from 13 inches to 24 inches. Their knockoff wire wheels can be used for both rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive cars.

A knockoff wire wheel does not attach directly to the disc brakes or brake drums with simple lug nuts. Instead, a special adapter must first be bolted onto the car securely. The adapters are designed and built specifically for the left side and the right side of the car. The Dayton Wire Wheel adapters are clearly marked as to which adapter goes on which side of the car. It is critical that the correct adapter be attached to the corresponding side of the car. A failure to obey this method can result in the wheel coming loose or falling off. The adapter is held in place with lug nuts, usually, the stock lug nuts work fine.

Once the adapter is securely fastened to the brakes, the wheel will simply slide over the adapter and lock into place through a system of drive teeth that will engage and secure the wheel to the adapter. More detailed instructions can be found on this link.

Wire Wheel Adapter

The Dayton wire wheel is held into place with a knockoff hub. The knockoffs are part of the beauty of this style wheel and are offered in many, different and attractive styles. To see a few of the styles, please click on this link. The knockoff hub will thread onto the adapter. An arrow is engraved on the knockoff hub to show which direction the knockoff must be fastened. Either a lead hammer or a wrench is used to securely tighten the knockoff in place. It will become a routine part of maintenance to re-tighten the knockoff regularly, using the appropriate tool.

The direct bolt-on type Truespoke® Wire Wheels bolt directly to the car, using either stock lug nuts or special lug nuts, depending on the style of the wheel you select. Truespoke® Wire Wheels have over a dozen different styles for various makes and models of cars. Please click here to see the full collection of Truespoke® Wire Wheels. No special tools are required to attach the wheels to the brakes. The wheels are made with either hubcaps that conceal the lug nuts or as in our 50-spoke Truespoke® Wire Wheels; you can view the lug nuts. Please click here to see this style.

The below photo shows a Dayton 72 spoke cross lace, reverse, knockoff style wire wheel.

Dayton 72-Spoke Wire Wheel

The photo below shows a Trueray®, 60-spoke, straight lace wire wheel. The center cap conceals the lug nuts.

Trueray 60-Spoke Wire Wheel

50-Spoke Wire Wheel

The wheel above is a 14 X 7 inch, reverse, 50-spoke Truespoke® wire wheel. This is the only style we make so that you are able to see the lug nuts.


Dayton knockoff wire wheels come in more sizes and will fit rear and front-wheel drive cars. Wheel sizes can range from 13 to 24 inches in diameter.

Direct bolt-on Truespoke® Wire Wheels are for rear-wheel drive cars only and range from 13 inches to 17 inches. Our wheels will not work on front-wheel drive cars.


Part of the beauty of wire wheels are the spokes themselves. Some enthusiasts feel, “the more the merrier” while other owners prefer having fewer spokes or spokes arranged in different or unusual patterns. The Dayton Wire wheels are offered in straight lace and cross-laced patterns. The lowest spoke count Dayton Wire Wheels makes is 72 and the highest is 144. The spokes are made from stainless steel material and are thinner also known as, “fine wire” than the spokes used in the Truespoke® line of wheels.

The Truespoke® wire wheels come in three main styles. Truespoke® 50 spokes, Trueray® 60 spokes and the Trueclassic® 50 spokes. To see these wheels grouped together, please click on this link. Each wheel listed above has its own, distinct lacing pattern. The designs were first patented in 1974. The spokes used are made from chrome chrome-plated steel that is thicker than the knockoff styles. The Truespoke® 50 Spoke wheel is the most unusual because you can see the lug nuts. The Trueray® and Trueclassic® wheels both use hubcaps to conceal the lug nuts.


Sizes of Wheels

Dayton: 13 to 24 inches. Truespoke®: 13 to 17 inches

Number of Spokes

Dayton: 72 to 144 “fine wires”. Truespoke® thick material: 45 to 60 spokes.

Attachment Methods

Dayton: The adapter system requires the use of an adapter to install the wheel over and a lead hammer or wrench to fasten the wheel to the car. Truespoke®: The wheels are held on with a mag style or aacorn-stylecorn style lug nuts, tightened with a torque wrench.


Dayton: Chrome-plated steel with stainless steel spokes.

Truespoke®: All chrome plated steel material.


Dayton: Front and rear-wheel drive. Truespoke®: Rear wheel drive only.


We always recommend that the customer should choose the brand, size and style of wheel that makes their heart skip a beat. Both Dayton Wire Wheels and Truespoke® Wire Wheels are elite brands of wire wheels and are considered to be the finest wire wheels that money can buy. At Truespoke®, we sell both our own brand of wire wheels and also, the Dayton Wire Wheel brand. No other company offers as broad of a range of wire wheel styles as we do. We have over 100 years of combined knowledge of wire wheels on our Team. Put our experience to work for you. Whether you have a lowrider, hot rod, classic car or even a kit car, Truespoke® has a wire wheel that is ideal for your special car.

Lowrider with Truespoke Wire Wheels

For further questions, please call or email us. We look forward to serving you. Thank you for reading this blog post.

- Team Truespoke®

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Truespoke Wire Wheels


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