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The Macias 1964 Impala Show Car

Updated: May 12, 2022

Mr. Ernie Macias was the co-founder of No Regrets Car Club back in 2000, and unfortunately passed away in 2021, before being able to complete his 1964 Impala. Ernie’s builds have inspired hundreds, if not thousands throughout the many he has done, and the Impala was set to be his biggest show-stopper to date. The fact it was purchased in 2014 goes to show that quality cannot be rushed.

If there is anything we know about the car community, it’s being able to help one of our own during times of crisis. Ernie had big plans to get this Impala to SEMA, and No Regrets along with Steve Wilk (@wilkworx) were not going to let that go unfinished.

Ernie and Steve Wilk worked completely restoring it from the chassis out. Steve started with getting the ‘64 ready for a body drop with notches and custom upper A-arms, with cantilever shocks for 12” of travel.

The most obvious, and standout modification done to this ‘64 is the stunning paint job. Steve worked with Benny Flores who laid down his magic in all different forms. Throughout the paint you can see lace, splatter, and different textures everywhere you look, as well as hand laid pinstriping by Manuel Cisneros at CSNRS Color Studio.

The interior is modest, yet classic, with stock Impala bucket seats cut, re-foamed and re-shaped, laid down with some fresh black leather and textured pieces on the door panels, done by Ron Mangus and his crew.

To complete this timeless look, 14” Truespoke 50’s with a reverse offset and 3-spoke spinners were equipped. From there, to get the Impala lying on the ground, Steve notched the frame, and fabricated custom A-arms to accommodate the drop.

Steve Wilk would like to thank Ernie for the opportunity to work his magic on his vehicles for the past 20 years. As well as Ernie’s wife Melissa, and their family, along with his wife Rachel for their support in completing this build. In addition, Jon “Chip” Sanchez, Sherman Gunn, Brett Virden. Scott at Dakota Digital, Dave at Truespoke, Steve Jones for all of the chrome plating and polishing.

With everyone’s determination and skill sets involved, the ‘64 debuted at the AccuAir Car Corral at SEMA 2021 for all to see in its full glory. It was a beautiful sight to see Ernie’s legacy live on at the biggest automotive showcase in the world.

Support for Ernie’s family can be contributed here:


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