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Are Supreme Wheels Any Good?

Updated: Jun 7

Astro Custom Supreme Wheels were known for their unique design and high quality. They were available in 13, 14, and 15-inch sizes, and came in standard or reverse styles

Truespoke Chrome Supreme Rim


The wheels that Truespoke® sells today are in the style of the original designs but much improved. For example, the center section of the wheel is welded into the chrome outer rim and a “safety bar” is welded over the rim and center section for added safety.

Truespoke Supreme Wheel


The Truespoke® Supreme wheels are made in America, not China. The sizes range from 13 X 7 inches to 15 X 10 inches. The wheels have a universal bolt pattern that allows them to fit most GM, Ford, and Chrysler 5-lug bolt patterns.

Lowrider Truck With Custom Supreme Chrome Wheels

The main advantages of these wheels are that they never go out of style and are easy to maintain. With only five large spokes, cleaning them is easy instead of trying to clean 100 to 200 spokes in a wire wheel. The wheels are also easier to mount and balance tires on than a wire wheel. Finally, Supreme Chrome Wheels are far less costly than wire wheels.

Classic Car Sporting Our Direct Bolt-On Supreme Wheels

Instead of using a knockoff adapter and lead hammer to attach the wheel to your car, Supreme Wheels are direct bolt-on type.


Here at Truespoke®, we keep a large inventory of wheels at the best prices and service.


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