Knock-Off Lowrider Wire Wheel Accessories

All accessories are $50.00 each when purchased separately. Each set of wheels purchased already includes four wheels, four adapters, four knock-off hubs of your choice, four medallions (if desired) and a lead hammer or wrench.

8-Sided HEX cap. Smooth as shown or with our Truewire medallion.
10-Side Bullet
10-Sided Bullet Knock-Off hub. Uses special wrench to install.
2-Blade Swept
2-Bladed Swept knock-off hub. Shown with/without, our Truewire® medallion
2-Blade Straight
2-Bladed Straight knock-off hub. Shown with our Truewire® knock-off.
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Left and right side wire wheel adapters. The left or driver's side is white in color and the red adapter is for the passenger's side. Specify which side you wish to order and your bolt pattern.
Lead Hammers
EZ-Blow, knock-off wire wheel lead hammer for Lowrider wire wheels by Truewire
Bullet wrench
10-Sided Bullet Wrench for installation and removal of bullet hubs. We recommend purchasing a lead hammer to fasten the bullet cap as far as possible.
HEX Wrench
8-Sided HEXWrench for installation and removal of HEX caps. We recommend purchasing a lead hammer to fasten the HEX cap as far as possible.
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  • These adapters come in multiple bolt patterns.

  • 5-4.5/4/75/5 (15 hole type)

  • 5-100/425

  • 5-5.5/135mm

  • 6-5/135mm

  • 6-5.5/135mm

  • 5-108/112/120mm

  • 4-100/4.25/4.5

  • These adapters work on the wire wheels we sell and most other import brands as well.

  • The red adapter is installed on the right side (passenger side) and the white adapter is installed on the left side (driver's)

  • Please specify what your bolt pattern is and which side of the vehicle you are ordering for.

  • Please call 760-731-8303 with any questions or to order.


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