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Knock-Off Lowrider Wire Wheel Accessories


All accessories are $50 each when purchased separately. Each set of wheels purchased already includes four wheels, four adapters, four knock-off hubs of your choice, four medallions (if desired) and a lead hammer or wrench.

  • These adapters come in multiple bolt patterns.

  • 5-4.5/4/75/5 (15 hole type)

  • 5-100/425

  • 5-5.5/135mm

  • 6-5/135mm

  • 6-5.5/135mm

  • 5-108/112/120mm

  • 4-100/4.25/4.5

  • These adapters work on the wire wheels we sell and most other import brands as well.

  • The red adapter is installed on the right side (passenger side) and the white adapter is installed on the left side (driver's)

  • Please specify what your bolt pattern is and which side of the vehicle you are ordering for.

  • Please call 760-731-8303 with any questions or to order.

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