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Dayton Wire Wheels for Sale

 Dayton Wire Wheels 100-120-144 Spokes

  • Made in the USA. The finest knock-off style wire wheel that money can buy

  • Serving the wire wheel enthusiast since 1916.

  • Stainless Steel Spokes. These wheels never need truing.

  • 13 -24 Inch Sizes. Reverse "Deep Dish", Standard and Lip-lace styles.

  • Please call 760-731-8303 to order. Not available online. Thank you

Dayton Wire Wheels - 100 Spoke Straight Lace Style

100 Spoke 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18-inch

Dayton Wire Wheels 88 Spokes

88 Spoke Dayton Wire Wheels

Straight Lace Dayton Wire Wheel. Reverse type. 2-Blade Straight knock-off hub shown with Dayton logo.

Priced from $910 per wheel.

Please call to order. 760-731-8303

Not available online. Thank you.

13 X 7 and 13 X 5.5-inches only.

Standard and Reverse

Straight Lace Only. $910 per wheel.

Please call to order. 760-71-8303.

Not available online. Thank you.

Dayton Wire Wheels Prices by Style and Size:

  • 13, 14, and 15-Inch 72 Spoke Cross Lace: $895.00 each

  • 13, 14, and 15-Inch 100 Spoke Straight Lace: $945.00 each

  • 16-Inch 72 Spoke Cross Lace: $920.00 each

  • 16-Inch 100 Spoke Straight Lace: $945.00 each

  • 17-Inch 100 Spoke Straight Lace: $1,025.00 each

  • 18-Inch 100 Spoke Straight Lace: $1,075.00 each

  • 20-Inch 120 Spoke FWD: $1,300.00 each

  • 20-Inch 144 Spoke RWD: $1,300.00 each

  • 22-Inch 120 Spoke FWD: $1,575.00 each

  • 22-Inch 144 Spoke RWD: $1,575.00 each

  • 24-Inch 144 Spoke RWD: $2,200 each.

  • Please add $100 per wheel for REVERSE "DEEP DISH" style, only on 20, 22, and 24-inch sizes.

*72 Spoke Triple Cross Lace Style are available

in 13 to 17 inch sizes.

   All wheels shown do not include tires or shipping.


  • We recommend you call or email us to check on our inventory prior to ordering. We carry some Dayton Wire Wheel sets in stock while other sets must be ordered. To view our current inventory, please click here.

  • Please email or call for more information.

Cadillac with Dayton Knock-Off Wire Wheels

Each wheel you purchase comes with your choice of adapter and knockoff hub. You must purchase a set of four wheels to receive a complimentary hammer or wrench.

The porcelain Dayton flag or Eagle chips are optional and are not included. 

Dayton accessories are only sold with a wheel purchase, not separately. 

Dayton Wire Wheel Examples