Dayton Wire Wheels

 Dayton Wire Wheels 100 120 144 Spoke Wire Wheels

  • Made in the USA. The finest knock-off style wire wheel that money can buy

  • Serving the wire wheel enthusiast since 1916.

  • Stainless Steel Spokes. These wheels never need truing.


Available in 13 -24 Inch Sizes

100 Spokes

120 Spokes

144 Spokes

Authorized Dayton Wire Wheel

Dealer since 2007

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88 Spoke Dayton Wire Wheels

Also available in 13 X 7 and 13 X 5.5" sizes only is the rare, 88-Spoke Dayton Knock-Off wire wheel. Straight lace only. They are $835.00 per wheel plus shipping.

Dayton Wire Wheels - 100 Spoke Straight Lace Style

100 Spoke 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 inch Straight Lace Dayton Wire Wheel. Reverse type. 2-Blade Straight knock off hub shown with Dayton logo. Price from $835.00 per wheel.


88 Spoke Dayton Wire Wheel

Click on above wheel to see the 88 Spoke Dayton Knock-off wire wheel

  • 3 Year Warranty on Finish and Structure. 

  • Polished Stainless Steel Spokes.  Forged Steel Hub.

  • True Knock Off Wire Wheels. Tubeless Construction.

  • Every Wheel Is Sealed Tubeless

  • Size Range 13" to 24".

  • Sample Prices for other sizes:

  • 15 Inch 72 Spoke Cross Lace: $785.00 each

  • 15 Inch 100 Spoke Straight Lace: $835.00 each

  • 16 Inch 72 Spoke Cross Lace: $825.00 each

  • 16 Inch 100 Spoke Straight Lace: $875.00 each

  • 17 Inch 100 Spoke Straight Lace: $985.00 each

  • 18 Inch 100 Spoke Straight Lace: $1,025.00 each

  • 20 Inch 120 Spoke FWD: $1,225.00 each

  • 20 Inch 144 Spoke RWD: $1,225.00 each

  • 22 Inch 120 Spoke FWD: $1,475.00 each

  • 22 Inch 144 Spoke RWD: $1,475.00 each

  • 24 Inch 144 Spoke RWD: $1,975.00 each.

  • All wheels shown do not include shipping.

  • For more information, please email or call us.

  • Friendly advice is just a phone call away.

  • ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: We recommend you call or email us to check on our inventory prior to ordering. If we do not have what you would like in-stock, please prepare for a 2-3 month wait as wheels are built to your order. Dayton Wire Wheels have no stocking inventory. Everything is built to order by Dayton.

  • All orders of less than four wheels will be built at the Dayton factory and drop-shipped to the customer directly. We are not able to break-up any of the sets we have here in-stock at our store. Please email or call for more information.

Cadillac with Dayton Knock-Off Wire Wheels

Looking for 24K Gold Plating for your new Dayton Wire Wheels?

Please click here for more information and prices.

13 X 7 Inch 100 Spoke Dayton Wire Wheel with 24K Gold Center
Dayton Wire Wheels 25K Gold Plating

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