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Seattle Wire Wheels

Seattle, WA

The Wire Wheels of Choice for Hot Rod, Lowrider, & Classic Car Enthusiasts

For generations, Truespoke® wire wheels have been the number one choice of both auto enthusiasts, professional customizers, and restoration shops. We frequently serve third-generation customers who are just as loyal as their fathers and grandfathers are, and always "True to Truespoke®".

Since 1974, Truespoke® has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing the finest wire wheels that money can buy. We use modern engineering with respect for tradition.

Seattle, WA

30, 45, 50, 72, 88, 100, 120, & 144 Spoke Wire Wheels for Sale in Seattle, Washington

At Truespoke®, we are proud to offer Seattle's best wire wheels for the ultimate in classic car customization. Our 30 and 72-spoke wire wheels provide a vintage look, while our 50 and 100-spoke rims bring an added level of sophistication to any ride. All of our wire wheels are hand-crafted with attention to every detail, ensuring durability and unmatched style. Whether you're restoring a classic car or looking to add some old-school flair to your daily driver, Truespoke®'s Seattle wire wheels are a perfect choice.

Our Wire Wheels Come in A Variety of Spoke Counts, Including:
- 30-Spoke Wire Wheels
- 45-Spoke Wire Wheels
- 50-Spoke Wire Wheels
- 72-Spoke Wire Wheels
- 88-Spoke Wire Wheels
- 100-Spoke Wire Wheels
- 120-Spoke Wire Wheels
- 144-Spoke Wire Wheels

Our Wire Rims Also Come in Countless Styles, Including:
- Kelsey Hayes Wheels
- Motor Wheels & Appliance Plating Wheels
- Brougham, Sabre, DeVille, & Fleetwood Wheels
- Standard Wire Wheels & Reverse Wire Wheels
- Stainless Steel, Chrome Steel, & Billet Aluminum Wheels
- Radial-Lace, Straight-Lace, & Cross-Lace Wheels
- & More, Including Custom Options!

You can even trust us to keep your classic car's wire wheels in top shape for years to come with our wire wheel restoration service! Browse our selection and contact us with any questions – we can't wait to help you customize your ride with Seattle's best wire wheels from Truespoke®.

Featured Chrome Wire Wheels By Truespoke®

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