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San Diego Wire Wheels

San Diego, CA

The Wire Wheels of Choice for Hot Rod, Lowrider, & Classic Car Enthusiasts

For generations, Truespoke® wire wheels have been the number one choice of both auto enthusiasts, professional customizers, and restoration shops. We frequently serve third-generation customers who are just as loyal as their fathers and grandfathers are, and always "True to Truespoke®".

Since 1974, Truespoke® has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing the finest wire wheels that money can buy. We use modern engineering with respect for tradition.

San Diego, CA

Aluminum, Chrome Steel, & Stainless Steel Wire Wheels for Sale in San Diego, California

If you're searching for the perfect set of San Diego wire wheels, then you don't have to look far. Truespoke® offers a full line of wire wheels for Fords, Chevrolets, Buicks, Skylarks, Cadillacs, and more. With a seemingly endless selection of sizes, styles, and options, you're sure to find a set of wire wheels that's perfect for your needs. We have no shortage of options; custom Astro Supreme wheels, gold plated Dayton rims, spoke wheels for replicas and kit cars, straight lace, radial lace, triple cross lace, Kelsey Hayes style, 50-spoke, 144-spoke, reverse-style, Trueray, and more! We have it all!

When it comes to giving your car a unique flair, nothing quite matches the timeless style of Truespoke®. Our wire wheels are hand-built and designed with precision, ensuring the highest level of quality. But it's not just about looks- Truespoke® wire wheels also offer exceptional performance and durability. Our wheels are built to withstand the rigors of everyday driving, while still maintaining their beautiful appearance. So whether you're cruising down the highway or showing off at a car show, you can trust your Truespoke® wire wheels to deliver both style and function.

Never settle for a cheap imitation; choose the original, authentic Truespoke® Wire Wheels. Our wheels have been the go-to choice of car enthusiasts since 1974. But Truespoke® isn't just about providing superior products; we also offer exceptional customer service. Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about cars, and we're always happy to assist you in finding the perfect set of wheels for your vehicle. Contact Truespoke® to learn more about our offerings or to place an order today!

Featured Chrome Wire Wheels By Truespoke®

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