Hot Rod Artillery Wheels

Hand-built in California. Standard or Reverse Type. Custom back spaces

Artillery Wheel Red Powdercoating Smooth Trim Ring 1940 Ford Cap

Above: Artillery Wheel. 15 X 7 inch standard style. Fire Engine Red show-quality powder coating. Smooth Trim Ring and a 1940 Ford V8 hubcap. Hubcap and trim ring are optional and not included. Powder coating is optional

Artillery Wheel Chrome Plated 1941-47 Hubcap

Above: Artillery Wheel. 15 X 7 inch standard style. All Chrome Plated Steel with a 1941-47 Chevrolet hubcap. Hubcap is not included..

  • Construction: All Steel. Finish: Paint Ready/Raw wheel for custom paint.

  • Please use our measuring guide for accuracy. Click here to download our measuring guide.

  • Custom built wheels are not returnable, therefore, let us help you make the right selection.

  • Hub caps and trim rings are not included in below wheel prices.

  • We can also build these wheels in reverse styles for $20.00 extra per wheel.

  • Custom back spaces are $20.00 extra per wheel.

  • Please click here to view our available optional backspacings

  • Bolt patterns available: 5 on 4.5", 5 on 4.75", 5 on 5", 5 on 5.500" and 6 on 5.500"

  • Show Quality Powder-coating: $75.00 per wheel. Please note: Powder coating takes from 4-8 weeks to complete. Colors shown on your computer monitor may not match finished color. We recommend for the best match, order bare wheels and simply take them to your local powder coating shop.

  • Please click here to view our powder coat color choices.

  • Please email or call us to discuss your requirements.

1940 Ford DeLuxe Hubcap
1940 Ford DeLuxe Hub Cap for Artillery Wheels
1940 Ford V8 Hub Cap
1940 Ford V8 Hub Cap for Artillery Wheels
1946 Ford
1946 Ford Hub Cap for Artillery Wheels
1941-1947 Chevrolet Hub Cap
'48-53 Chevy PU
1948-1953 Chevrolet Pickup
'47-8 Ford
1947-1948 Ford car and truck hub cap
'41 Ford
1941 Ford Hubcap
'42 Ford
1942 Ford Hub Cap
Bullet Center Cap
Bullet Center Cap
Baby Moon Hubcap
Baby Moon Hubcap for Artillery Wheels
Smooth Trim Ring
Ribbed Trim Ring
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Hub Caps and Trim Rings

Trim Rings: $40.00 each (Ribbed or Smooth)

1941-47 Chevrolet: $80.00 each

1948-1953 Chevrolet: $80.00 each

1947-48 Ford Car and Truck: $60.00 each

1941 Ford:$60.00 each

1942 Ford: $60.00 each

1940 Ford DeLuxe: $60 each

1940 Ford V8: $60 each

1946 Ford: $60 each

Bullet Cap: $60.00 each

Baby Moon Hubcap: $25.00 each

You may buy the Truespoke® Hot Rod Artillery Steel wheels by giving us a call to place your order or shop online. We look forward to serving you.


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